WiFi Hacker APK is finally available in Android and iOS Playstores

Guess what? WiFi hacker apk marketed by thewifihacker makes its way into the android market, without any impediments, as opposed to what we all expected it to be. But once it hit the market, the application's marketing went awry as there were several impediments from the telecommunication industry, as they didn't like the fact that their profits are drained by the release of the WiFi hacker apk. The concept of WiFi hacker apk spared off when the users of the WiFi hacker for pc were sending feedback forms asking for an android version of the same WiFi password hacker software. So the original creators of the application lined up more technically-adept android coders, as normal veterans, in computer languages coding, couldn't develop an application in the WiFi hacking stream, to manifest the WiFi hacker apk. However, the unethicality of the WiFi hacker for pc prompted many government officials to threaten the application creators to take this to the streets. But very little did the creators budge about their threat and went about their business of creating the wifi hacker apk. These innovative creators should be exempt from these silly threats the government is posing on them, as it would only do harm to the government themselves. This is an indirect showing of the government choking the rights of the citizens from their powerful innovativ ideas.

WiFi Hacker will make our lives easy in the coming days!

Just the courage to create a WiFi hacker apk for providing free WiFi to people across the world itself is praiseworthy. However, the government took a more cautious route, by not going against the private sector telecom giants in order to gain their favor by encouraging a silly move to quash the WiFi hacker apk from play store. It is a disgrace that the government officials gave their assent for bringing down the application WiFi hacker apk, the android version of the WiFi hacker software. If at all these government officials could take a laissez faire approach to upcoming innovations like this, the WiFi hacker apk would last for ages and the social unrest which is caused due to the unjust tariffs, gladly offered by the top internet service providers would vanish. The corruption thus happened, for the release of the WiFi hacker apk, has more to do with the bottlenecks in the architecture of the government. There are a million ways the government would serve the people better rather than expecting to gain the private sector's favor by bringing down the WiFi hacker apk, the application whose potentiality is so huge that it can aid the government better than the private sector companies who don't owe the government anything. Private sector telecom companies will hardly be the stumbling blocks, when you let innovative applications like the WiFi hacker apk to reach the internet market. The looming danger of a government collapse is inevitable when the private telecom giants makes its call on one single standalone application WiFi hacker apk which has the unbelievable potentiality to benefit all of us and the entire country. WiFi hacker apk is featuring on the top apps in play store!! Go grab it ASAP!!


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